Social Commerce in Southeast Asia 2022 Report

The first ever in-depth report for Southeast Asia to publish comprehensive market sizing, channel dynamics, and business model economics across four archetypes of social commerce – Social platform commerce, Conversational commerce, Live shopping, and Community group buy

Why read this report?

Quantify the social commerce opportunity with in-depth market data for Southeast Asia

Understand the economics of social commerce with detailed P&L builds and channel dynamics

Learn about emerging opportunities and winning strategies for social commerce in the region

Key insights

Access the best insights from our in-depth research of Southeast Asia’s social commerce market. More than 500 research hours and 15,000 survey respondents.

25%+ of e-commerce

Social Commerce is a US$42bn market in Southeast Asia, and set to grow rapidly in the coming years

4 distinct archetypes

Social commerce in Southeast Asia comprises four different archetypes with widely different economics and applications

TikTok rising

40+% of internet users in some of Southeast Asia’s key markets are now shopping on TikTok

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  • In-depth market data
  • Deep-dives of 4 social commerce archetypes
  • Lots of real-world social commerce case studies

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